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Nicole Sturgill
Research Director, 
CEB TowerGroup


                          Lizanne Kaiser, Ph.D.
                          Senior Principal Business Consultant,

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You Asked:

  • Can I leverage growth in the digital channels to provide better customer service?
  • How can I ensure that I'm meeting all of my customer's needs across the channels?
  • What are the critical components to personalizing the digital experience

CEB TowerGroup Research Says:
All customers use multiple channels to access financial products and services, ranging from a minimum of two channels up to six different points of contact. And  because channel management is typically siloed, those customers experience inconsistencies in the service and communications from their financial institution. This gap in service is especially pronounced in the digital channels where 73% of customer indicate that resolution to their service issues is ineffective and 42% state that they had to contact the institution more than 3 times to resolve their issue. Improving service will require the institution to communicate (and carry the customer conversation) across the channels, working together to resolve customer service issues quickly, effectively and accurately. 

This Webinar Provides:

  1. Customer journeys that show how consumers both choose and to use multiple channels and are pushed to alternate channels
  2. In-depth analysis of customer input on the service issues they experience in the digital channels
  3. Guidance on how to move from strategic planning into action to improve the digital service experience

CEB TowerGroup On Demand Webinar:
Best Practices - Using Digital Channels to Provide Superior Customer Experiences