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Brian Solis
Brian Solis
Principal Analyst 
Altimeter Group

Lisa Abbott
Lisa Abbott
Product Marketing Director,

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We are witnessing the rise of a new generation of customers, the “Connected Customer”. No, it’s not just about age or other common demographics.  The future is unfolding in new directions by a much larger group… those of any age who live a digital lifestyle. Whether someone is 50 years old or 15, mobile and social technologies have changed us. As customers, today we are more informed, more connected and more empowered in real-time.

Investing in customer experience (CX) can be a competitive advantage. Customer relationship is a byproduct of the experience you design, support and reinforce. It starts with setting a vision for what the CX could be compared to what it is today. Closing this gap immediately is your CX imperative. 

Register now to hear Brian Solis, a digital analyst and futurist, identify the gaps and close the loop in digital transformation. You will learn:

  • Top challenges facing digital transformation
  • Digital Customer Experience Transformation Checklist
  • How to design customer journeys to deliver a delightful and intuitive CX

The Digital Customer Experience (CX) Imperative
Industry Expert Brian Solis Reveals Why Digital CX is Key to the Future of Business