The Quest For An Ideal Contact Center Management Tool

Trends 2016: The Future of Customer Service

Join Chris Woodward, CEO of Anana and Customer Experience specialist, for a demonstration of Mission Control, the ideal contact center management tool that could change the way you operate your contact center forever!

During the webinar, Chris will talk you through the solution that Anana has created that really brings the power of the industry-leading Genesys CX platform to life, and puts the business in complete control. Plus, he’ll show you the video that saw Anana crowned winners of the 2016 Demo Battle at G-Force Miami!

Want to learn more? Join Genesys and Anana for the on-demand webinar to learn how Mission Control can help achieve your quest to empower your agents to deliver the best customer experiences.

Anana delivers superior Genesys omnichannel solutions rapidly… and they can prove it! Using automated design and deployment technologies, Anana builds and operates enterprise-class, omni-channel contact centre solutions, cloud or premise, in a matter of hours, ready to go. Business users are empowered to effortlessly configure the solution across all channels, in real-time, including a rich set of business features that are traditionally considered bespoke developments. Anana truly embraces the power of Genesys.

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