5 Ways Contact Center Working with Marketing Drives Revenue

Trends 2016: The Future of Customer Service

Imagine if your contact center agents knew why every sales prospect was calling – before taking the call – and could tailor the conversation to close the sale. Imagine if every caller was routed right away to the best agent to convert them to a customer.

These are just two of the strategies contact centers now use to provide callers with personalized, relevant, and winning experiences. And they are made possible when the contact center and the marketing team work together, with marketing passing data about each caller in real time for the call center to leverage.

Want to learn more? Join Genesys and DialogTech on April 20th for a webinar to learn the benefits of connecting the contact center with marketing. The webinar explains how the partnership between Genesys and DialogTech, a popular solution marketing teams use to track and analyze calls from their advertising and website, helps businesses to:

  • Provide callers with the right experiences to convert them to customers
  • Grow revenue by getting more of the right sales leads calling the contact center
  • Align the contact center and marketing team to increase sales and customer loyalty
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Thursday, April 20th, 2017
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