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Andrew Maguire
Principal Consultant,
High Beam Consulting

Richard McCrossan
Richard McCrossan
Strategic Business Director, Digital Channels, Genesys

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The adoption of new technologies in the contact center can help create an effortless customer experience that builds customer loyalty to elevate your brand above that of your competition. By leveraging open standards, organizations can now quickly integrate new technology into existing infrastructure to take advantage of market trends, customer demands and industry compliance requirements. Integrating technologies such as WebRTC, co-browsing, proactive web engagement and mobile engagement in 2014 can take your customer experience to the next level and help your organization gain a competitive advantage.  

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  • Proactive Engagement to gain insight into customer behavior on your website
  • Co-browsing to assist website visitors in real-time
  • WebRTC for “click-to-call” web based communications including voice and face-to-face video
  • Mobile Engagement for embedding contact center functionality into your Smartphone applications 

Key Technologies to Ultra Modernize Your Contact Center in 2014